The 10 Worst Foods and the 10 Best Foods

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Nutritional Therapies

This course will discuss the benefits of eating the 10 best foods and why, as well as avoiding the 10 worst foods and why.
It will give you leverage to change your health and wellbeing with these easy steps as well as providing healthy alternatives. These changes will over time, give you greater health and wellbeing and can help to change your life. Meal plans and recipes included. 

After doing this course you will
•    Have leverage to making changes in your health
•    Understand why to eat certain foods
•    Know the real story on what some foods do to us and how they affect us
•    Have great recipe ideas and meal plans
•    Make a change to what you and your family are eating
•    Create a new way of living
•    Find your health and wellbeing improve




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