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The Raw Food Certificate Course has been created to enable those interested in the Raw and Live Food Movement.

It is a course that runs over 10 weeks, covering all aspects to raw food and food preparation. This course covers raw foods, their preparation, the equipment used and how to use them, fermented foods, superfoods, food combining plus much more.  It also comes with a comprehensive Raw Food manual.

This course is for all people and for all walks of life, with no requirement for having to understand the science behind food and nutrition. It is a practical way to explore, try and taste the many flavours and dishes that can be made from raw foods.

After doing this course you will
Reference text will be provided
•    Know more about equipment used in raw food preparation
•    Know what the raw food movement is all about
•    Introducing foods that provide you with great health leverage
•    See stories of those who have made the change
•    Be mindful about what you are eating
•    Feel healthier and happier


•    Be provided with an extensive raw food manual
•    Have nutritional profiles on many foods
•    Learn about anti-nutrients
•    Learn about the benefits of seaweeds.
•    Learn about the benefits of high antioxidants, what they are and what foods contain them
•    Make a change to the way you think about eating
•    Introduce healthier eating ideas for you and your children
•    Find healthier lunch options for your kids
•    Make a difference to you and the footprint it leaves on the world

Interested in studying for an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine?
Not sure?  View our flashbook on Choosing Nutritional Medicine as a Career


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