Juicing, Cleansing and Detoxification

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Nutritional Therapies

There is only one way to cleanse and this course will tell you how.

Learn the benefits to be had from cleansing and detoxification and follow some of the suggested cleaning programs. Find out the ones that will work and the ones that will not.

This course will help you to understand the why’s and where of cleansing and will give you some powerful healing and cleansing techniques to help you on your cleansing and detoxifying journey.

 After doing this course you will
•    Know the real deal on cleansing
•    Have an understanding of cleansing though history and in different cultures
•    Find cost effective and easy ways to cleanse
•    Be provided with a wide array of cleansing ideas
•    Be provided with recipe ideas
•    Be introduced for cleansing for different body parts
•    Understand the healing crisis
•    Feel energized and ready for more


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