Gut Disorders and How to Heal Them

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Nutritional Therapies

Sick of suffering from IBS?

Do you suffer with gut pains and bowel problems?

Do you suffer from diarrhoea or constipation?

This course will explore the world of Irritable bowel disorders. It will explain in details what IBS is and what is really happening down there.
It will look at tried and tested techniques that have given relief to so many people.

After doing this course you will
•    Start learning to take responsibility for your own health
•    Know ways to heal the gut
•    Start to have an understanding of how different foods affect you
•    Reduce the pain and discomfort you have in your diet
•    Be provided with action plans to help heal
•    Be able to monitor your bowel movements and what they mean
•    Be able to family and friends
•    Be able to reclaim your personal power and feel empowered

Interested in studying for an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine?
Not sure?  View our flashbook on Choosing Nutritional Medicine as a Career


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