Elemental Nutrition

Course Information

Nutritional Therapies

Unit Title and Code: Elemental Nutrition

Duration: 20 hours in home study, written questions and self reflection questions

Pre-requisites : None

Mode of Delivery: Self directed self learning. External studies delivered with a combination of assessments, written questions.

This ELEMENTAL NUTRITION course will help to open your world to the world of food and nutrition.  This course will give you a basic understanding into the major food groups, what these groups do and why it is important for us to eat them. This course will also explore foods found in these major groups and the benefits that can be found from eating these foods.
Elemental nutritional will also introduce you to Minerals and Vitamins and will give you a basic understanding as to what these are and foods that can be found containing these nutrients.
The final component to this course is applying this knowledge and creating diets that can be used for the differing body systems. This gives you practical applications as to how you can use the knowledge obtained from this simple course and apply that to helping support different parts of your body.

A reference text will be provided.

After doing this course you will

•    Have a greater understanding of basic nutrients
•    Will know what the major food groups are
•    Be able to know healthy food choices from these food groups
•    Be more aware about the food you are putting in your body
•    Be provided with a great reference book
•    Be changing your life and your family’s life one day at a time
•    Know if you want to learn more about health and nutrition

Interested in studying for an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine?
Not sure?  View our flashbook on Choosing Nutritional Medicine as a Career

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