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Have you ever wondered why the very thing about our partner becomes the very thing that drives us crazy?

Do you know why we are attracted to the same kinds of people?

Why do men like to hide in their caves?

Why do women like to talk so much?

If you have any relationship issue then this is the course that will help to shed some light onto the why’s of these issues. Working through the many strategies in this course you are given the opportunity to learn, grow and even come together to create harmonious and loving relationships.

After doing this course you will
•    Learn the secrets of what women really want
•    Learn the secrets of what men really want
•    Learn to connect on a deeper level
•    See how all relationships relate to us
•    See the gifts in the conflicts
•    Be provided strategies to work through conflicts
•    Find healthy ways of communicating
•    Have core healing experiences
•    Be provided with strategies that really work even when only one partner is involved
•    Show your children a healthy relationship role model
•    Know that changing your relationship does not heal your wounds
•    Be provided with further education and information to explore
•    Make a happier family environment
•    Know what your patterns end here
•    Be happier with your relationships


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