The ABC’s of Hard to Easy Detoxes

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I have done so many detoxes.

When I give my presentations people ask me about the detox’s and the question I get asked most is the How and Why to detoxing.

So I have created this document which starts with some easy detox and cleansing suggestions and work up to some more ‘hardcore’ detox suggestions.

These are detoxes I have experienced or done, though some I would not recommend. This is a personal choice and the aim I have here is to give you some suggestions and opetions that you can choose.

I hope you have already read my Do’s and Don’t of Detoxing, as this is important before starting any cleanse.

The final part of this detox series of courses is about the rationale of cleansing and more information about juicing, the healing crisis and the historical aspects of detoxification.




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