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Growing Herbs For Beginners

Course Information

Herbal Courses

The objectives of this course is to explore tips and techniques about starting to grow your herb garden. This course will support you in any small herb growing venture from the beginning to the end.

It provides easy steps to help with propagating, growing, and drying your herbs and then explore how you can use your herbs.

If you do not know where to start this course will help you and guide you to do so.

Course Contents Include;

    • So you want to grow herbs. What to do now? Where to Start
    • The Garden Plan, Planning the Right Herbs for you Garden, When to Start
    • Herbs and Feng Shui
    • Herbs in the House
    • Individual Herbs and Herb Groups
    • Cooking with Herbs
    • Drying your Herbs
    • Propagating your Herbs
    • Herb Companions
    • Herbs and Pests
    • Money saving tips using Herbs



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