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Super Lifestyle Nutrion: Eating a Balanced Diet

Course Information

Nutrition Courses

Welcome to the Super Lifestyle Nutrition Courses.

These are my favourite courses as they encompass many aspects of Holistic Nutrition.

This is a very exciting unit which explores holistic living. It encompass the philosophies of self healing, understanding acute and chronic diseases processes and the beliefs of pleomorhism. This helps to bring about a positive change to our nutritional status, our mental outlook and our wellbeing.

It also discusses food combining, alkaline diets, cleansing and purification, our bodies pH and the pH of our foods. It looks at the process of detoxification, what to expect and some detoxification suggestions, as well as what fasting is and how it can benefit us. We also discuss the psychology of food, what makes us overweight, body issues as well as the importance of liver function.  We also highlight why our belief about stress has a major impact on our lives and what it is so important to address this in regards to our nutritional status.

 It also explores the superfoods and superherbs that we have on our planet and that we would be best introducing into our lives for optimum benefits. It explores foods which are high in a wide range of nutrients and are very beneficial for to wellbeing and health. NM1 and NM2 and pre-requisties for this course

Course Chapter Content:

  • Food Combining
  • Detoxification and cleansing
  • Jucing and fasting
  • Alkalinity
  • Raw Foods
  • Superfoods and supernutrients
  • Germ theory
  • Liver and stress support
  • Supplements

Balancing Your Diet and Understanding pH

This lecture explores what is a balanced diet according to differing principles and beliefs.

Of course of these there are many similarities that highlight what helps us know what is a balanced diet.

Finally there is some discussion about Case Taking and Case Management, as an extra add on.

Headings explored in this Lecture are

Summary of Food Eating Guidelines

  • What is a Balanced Diet
  • A Healthy Diet
  • Healthy Eating Guidelines and Eating for Great Health
  • Acidity and Alkalinity
  • What is pH
  • Alkaline and Acid forming minerals
  • The Scientific proof that Alkaline Minerals are Critical to your Health
  • Diet Comes First and Food Sources
  • Alkaline Diet
  • Testing for Alkalinity
  • Factors Affecting pH
  • Studies on pH
  • Foods That Acidify  
  • The Art of Case Taking
  • Record Keeping and Legal Requirements
  • Diagnostic Skills
  • Factors of Compliance




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