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Louise Plant ND, RT, Hon Dip BM, Dip Coun, Bch Sc, Post Grad HE, the CEO of the Chi Institute, believes that every person is able to step into their own sovereignty, which means that we all have the power over our own personal authority. We can choose to feel healthier and happier when we follow regular practises of self-care, healthy eating, herbal support and having a positive mind set.

Education is one of her three pillars in life. Louise knows that when people make educated decisions, it increases our own personal power to be able to choose what works for us in life and what does not. There are always solutions and there are always options.

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Louise has been teaching all aspects of health, nutrition, lifestyle, and spirituality for over 20 years.

She is a very conceptual teacher who lives to share her knowledge and concepts so that her students can apply them to their lives. As an eternal life student herself Louise delights in sharing her eclectic knowledge she has accumulated. Hence that’s why the Chi Institute is continually growing and evolving.

Louise is available for health and wellbeing consultations as part of her Lift Off Program—an 8 week 1:1 coaching program. For more information View the Liftoff website

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Louise also makes a wide range of herbal products, teas and dried herbs which you can find here: www.driedherbsonline.com

Explore the wonderful world of herbs and discover how they can support your health and wellbeing. The individual herbs have lots of information about their uses and benefits.

Louise also runs transformational workshops and detox retreats, herbal workshops and raw food classes near Melbourne. If you would like more info, you can follow her on social media.

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